A training course is of two units covering the following learning outcomes

Principles of advocacy

  • understand advocacy and its purpose
  • have and understanding of different types of advocacy
  • understand the principles of advocacy
  • recognise relevant legislation relating to specific client groups
  • have an understanding of empowerment and disempowerment

Advocacy in practice

  • understand and adhere to general health and safety procedures
  • understand different forms of communication and their use
  • understand barriers to effective communication
  • have an understanding of and demonstrate effective negotiation skills

Expected hours of learning will be

  • 20 hours classroom study including discussion of case studies with some role-play.
  • 20 hours field work with direct contact with clients
  • 20 hours preparation, reflection, responding to questions based on the learning outcomes

The above learning outcomes have a number of assessment criteria and students will produce a portfolio partly on-line, which is evidence based on their understanding of the above.